Automated Ballot Voting

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Election officials told the Associated Press that they considered the elections a success and had received no reports of glitches or attempted hacking The online system works through use of an electronic identification card. Since 2002 the card has been mandatory for all Estonia residents older than 15. The card is intended as a means of proving one's identity at any place--from banks to government offices--that normally requires identification to process forms or transactions.

To vote online, users must insert their cards into readers connected to their computers and log on to the voting Web site. Once authenticated, they cast their ballots through an encrypted system and then affix their digital signatures to verify the selections before transmitting them. "This country seems to have made a very concerted investment in promoting e-government generally, and this is just one component of what they're doing," said Thad Hall, a professor at the University of Utah and co-author of a book on Internet voting. "It sounds pretty likely they're going to keep doing these types of activities into the future."

Hall said he believes Estonia to be the first country that has carried out Internet voting nationwide in an actual election, although France, the United Kingdom and the United States have also conducted pilots.

On American soil, the idea of online elections has earned mixed reviews. In 2000, Arizona became the first state to try online voting during primary elections. Several thousand voters tried to participate, but a series of Y2K-related glitches interfered on its first day.

Last year, the Pentagon largely scrapped a project that would have permitted overseas expatriates to cast ballots over the Net. But shortly after that decision was announced, Michigan reported success with an Internet voting system used by about 50,000 voters during the presidential primaries.

Estonia's relatively small voting population may curb the level of risk for tampering,   a computer science professor at the University of California at Berkeley who has spoken out about the possible vulnerabilities of Internet-based systems.


Present system is manual. The Project Metrics has to enter all the details of project, documents, and tasks. It also maintenance the team information and also efforts estimation. For this purpose the organization maintain the size of the document, source code and update the information about team member’s details   manually. Which is much of time consuming process and more importantly it is error prone. Limitations Of the Manual system

  1. It is time consuming
  2. It leads to error prone results
  3. It consumes lot of manpower to better results
  4. It lacks of data security
  5. Retrieval of data takes lot of time
  6. Percentage of accuracy is less
  7. Reports take time to produce

Hence Computerization of the existing system is proposed. The new system completely removes all manual burdens and provide efficient on the entry system.


  •    To generate the quick reports
  •    To make accuracy and efficient calculations
  •    To provide proper information briefly
  •    To provide data security
  •    To provide huge maintenance of records
  •    Flexibility of transactions can be completed in time

After understanding the existing system and understanding the need for developing a new system different people involved in the related activities have been consulted. The data needed for the study has been collected from company records.

 The computerization of this system would avoid the wrong interpretation and bad calculation of data .The system help the user to see any documents, source code, tasks, activities, team information with details at the click of a button. The record data is maintained and backed up such a way that data is not loss. The speed of the system could also increased.


Ø  Admin view

Ø   HR Manager View

Ø  Maintenance Manager view

Ø  Movement Manager view

Ø  Finance Manager view

Ø Quality Assurance Manager view



  • OPERATING PLATFORM               :               WINDOWS 2000/NT/XP
  •  RDBMS                                             :               SQLSERVER 2000
  • SOFTWARE                                      :               VS.NET 2003
  •  FRONT END TOOL                        :               ASP.NET


  • RAM                                                      :               128MB
  • HARD DISK                                         :               MINIMUM 20 GB

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