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ALL JOBS INFO is software with a centralized database to be provided. The database will have strong security and will have archiving database integrated into it. The application will allow creation of job profiles for different categories of jobs mentioned as changed from time to time. The application will facilitate the creation of clients, the orders placed by the clients as well as modify to help track the order status. The application will have a smart search facility, which will help in searching and sorting the resumes and will not be providing any duplicate results.

ALL JOBS INFO is nothing but a business solution that simplifies and automates various manual operations in a consultancy through smart search facility, centralized database. This system involves external entities, processes, sub processes etc which integrates with each other and describes the flow between them.

The external entities are Job seekers, Recruiters, Job portals etc. The processes involved are ALL JOBS INFO staff, sorting process, short-listing process and ALL JOBS INFO administrators. The ALL JOBS INFO staff is responsible for interacting with the ALL JOBS INFO database and supervising the internal operations of processing the request of the client internally. The Administrator is responsible for collecting resumes from Job seekers, Job portals, receiving requests from the clients/recruiters, passing them to ALL JOBS INFO staff for further processing the request, responding to the recruiter’s request, updating the information after recruitments at the client side, handling the entire system functionalities, handling the financial dealings with the clients, deleting the outdated resumes, processed requests and handled accounts etc. The sorting process is responsible for taking the resumes given by the staff, sorting them based on the information present in it and sometimes based on the specified requirements, passing the sorted resumes directly to the staff without any further process, else passing them to the next process of short listing them. The short-listing process is responsible for picking up only limited number of resumes from the sorted resumes based on the requirements requested by the client.

The external entity, Job seeker has to register his/her details first before interacting with the system. The company provides a registration form and the details should be filled in by the Job seeker which includes their resumes and other details. After submitting the form, the system assigns a Unique Registration ID to Job seeker if all the details were found to be valid. As soon as registration ID was given to the Job seekers, they get a confirmation from the consultancy informing that their details were stored in the database and will receive calls from the recruiters if any from that moment. The second external entity, the recruiter or the client also need to be registered at the consultancy in order to get their requests processed by the consultancy. Similar to the case of the job seeker, the recruiter gets a Recruiter ID as soon as they get registered with the system, through which they ought to carry the transactions. The system checks the entire database each time it sorts the resumes for processing the requests, short lists them if they are up to the mark, forwards them to the client and informs the job seeker the current status of their resumes whenever they access for it. The third external entity is the job portals. These are accessed by ALL JOBS INFO in order to download resumes from them apart from receiving the directly posted resumes by job seekers. Whenever job seekers post their resumes and other details into any of the providers portals including ALL JOBS INFO, ALL JOBS INFO downloads all those information, registers them if their details are found to be valid, stores them in separate files namely Distributes file into its database. ALL JOBS INFO has direct contacts with various recruiters.

Whenever one of its client/recruiter passes a request of inviting resumes from specified areas in particular, the administrator at ALL JOBS INFO, who receives the request passes on the request to their staff in order to sort the existing resumes, short list them based on the requirements specified, select the best among those grading and forward it to the administrator who in turn posts them to the recruiter.

Every client will have an ID called recruiter mail-ID, known only to the one in concern with collecting resumes and other details of job seekers from different sources at the client/recruiter. Moreover the Administrator at ALL JOBS INFO has the entire privilege of posting information regarding seekers to the client requested with their USER ID and PASSWORD.


ALL JOBS INFO is one of the upcoming job providers. Acting as a gateway between the job seekers and the recruiters, it is providing enormous services on either side. But all the work to be done in providing services is completely manual till today. Thus being an upcoming consultancy, ALL JOBS INFO has planned to implement an application, which overcomes its pitfalls to the best possible extent. In order to reach the best application, it is necessarily very important for the developer to make a detailed study of the existing system of work process.



The current system is totally manual. All the information related to the jobseekers is stored in the file called distributors file. All the entries in the file are made manually and also the short listed candidates’ information is manually stored. Therefore there is a lot of chance for errors to creep in. The registration is also done manually in the current system. The new Jobseeker gives their details and resumes to the consultancy and if all the details are found valid then the details of the job seeker are stored in the files. The same information of the distributor is stored in different files. Therefore the data redundancy occurs.

In the current system, if Jobseeker wants to register he/she has to visit the company and there they have to submit all their details and resumes. Due to the enormous amount of work which is to be done manually, the current working system has come up with many problems.

The Limitations of the existing system are described as follows:

Time Delay

RedundancyNo Accuracy

Information retrieval is a tedious process

No Security

High Error Occurrence

Risky Registration Process

Time delay:-

In the existing system all the processing done internally during any transaction is completely manual. Moreover all the information related to the transactions are stored in the registers or the distributor files, which makes the system consume a lot of time and efforts to retrieve the files, repeatedly process them for most accurate results, monitor the processing, maintain the updated information correctly, etc., Thus one of the major drawbacks of the existing system is its time delay.


As same information of the distributor is stored in different files, data redundancy occurs, which in future may lead to various problems. Moreover as the information is passed through different registers and each register is consolidated and sent to next register, so the same information is being tabulated at each register.

No Accuracy:-

Accuracy decreases as the amount of data to be processed on increases. And there may be a chance of doing a mistake by choosing a better person, leaving off the best one, due to inaccurate search process.

Moreover due to redundancy, the threat to accuracy arises. Because the same data is maintained at different registers there may be a possibility of tabulating the data wrongly.

Information retrieval is a tedious process:-

The time taken to store a resume or the time taken to search a resume, or sorting, short listing the resumes present in huge number in the database based on a particular specification manually is obviously a very tedious and time consuming job.

In cases like when one wants to go through some old transactions it becomes a very cumbersome process because the old registers have to be taken out and the transactions have to be searched manually.

No Security:-

As every job in the current system need to be done manually, it may not be the best option in the security point of view in case where one-person details got changed out instead of others.

One more important aspect to be considered regarding the security of the existing system is that any unauthorized person can change the data manually which is the worst case of security.

High Error Occurrence:-

As each and every job in the current system is a manual one, a minor mistake in some cases may lead to serious problems, thus leading to the occurrence of errors.

Risky Registration Process:-

The process of registration is a bit risky in the current system, as the job seeker has to visit the company in person, register manually by submitting all the details and resumes.


Ø    By following the new approach the information can be accessed from any where just with a mouse click. This helps the EASTY staff by saving lot of time and providing the user with the up to date information.

Ø     This system need to act as a gateway between the Job Seeker and Recruiter to access information with least effort there by overcoming the pitfalls in the previous system to the extent possible.

Ø    The system should provide different functionalities like:

  • Allow creation of Job Profiles for different categories of jobs mentioned and as changed from time to time.
  • Facilitate creation of clients and the orders placed by the clients.
  • Download resumes from the various job portals.
  • Making the major functionalities like registration, sorting the resumes, short listing them based on the required specification much easier.
  • It should guide the user if at all any invalid entries are made and provide feedback to the users.
  • The transactions done with the system need to be fast to the maximum possible extent.

Ø    It should sustain reasonable amount of effort and provide the user with the required information with out any delay.

Ø    The system provides various functionalities on either side for accessing any type of information about the various types of services and facilities as well as module to help keep track of the order status.

Ø    Since the information is available on the centralized database at any point of time and from any location updated information will be provided.


Front End          :       C#, ASP.NET

Middle Ware   :     Application logic

Back End         :     SQL SERVER-2000


Pentium with 233MHz or better

64MB RAM minimum (128MB RAM) recommended

800*600 resolution; 16 bit color (1024*768, 24 bit is recommended)

For offline message audio is preferred, but no need.

15” monitor (17” monitor recommended for best results)

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