Air Reservation System

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The advent of computers has made man life happier. Every transaction in the world is becoming Online. A person can simply sit on a computer and can peep into the world through a simple computer screen and on a single mouse click he can explore the world of business.

This says that every transaction is becoming simple and at the same time becoming faster. In order to be a part of this simplification and rapid evolution of world of business, we came up with a simple and at the same time a subtle concept of flight ticket reservation.

The Current project”AEROSPACE” deals with the day-to-day booking and cancellations of flight tickets running throughout India. Any person can simply sit on a computer and can do booking and cancellation of a flight ticket through a single credit card.

How different the current application is?

This Project Provides people a simple way of navigating through Active Server pages embedded in ASP.Net, creates backend database in MS-SQL Server so that there will be a perfect identification of a person who is accessing the site and about the booking details of a passenger.

In addition, I have provided a simple, user-friendly site with easy identification of all arrivals & departures of all flights running throughout India. A passenger can simply enroll his booking for a particular flight starting in a particular city by giving his simple identification details like Name, Address, phone number etc., with a perfect valid credit card.

A passenger can even cancel his booking on (or) before the day of fly.



Before developing this system, the various activities are performed and reports are prepared manually.  The main disadvantages of the ‘Manual System’ are:

Ø  Laborious work which requi   res more man power

Ø  More prone to human errors

Ø  Duplication of work at the Divisional level

Ø  Lack of uniformity/conformity in data

Ø  Differences in opinions in Rules and Regulations.

Ø  Less flexibility and more time consumption

Ø  Unnecessary in paper work which reduces the value addition

Ø  Lack of accuracy

Ø  Decentralized data which increases the time for retrieval

Ø  Less transparency as the information is maintained individually

At present, all the application packages in any company maintain individual registers for their local references.  There is mismatch between the data. Codification present in all the existing packages.  This leads to a state of confusion with the different packages acting like isolated islands.  The integration of these packages can be made possible only through the design of a centralized database.

Through Computerization, sophisticated technology can be used for making the information more flexible, accurate, and secure and user friendly.  Time and manpower can be more effectively utilized.  Online information can be made easily available at random to any user at the same time maintaining high level of security.

Every thing is done manually in current system.  A few of the components are being processed automatically using computers but as such no specialized application exist to take care of the complete process

Need for Computerization:

Since as we know that the human are prone to errors, the transactions produced by them may give erroneous results, which results in wastage of time in trying to locate the error.

The generation of reports is a very lengthy procedure where data has to be collected from a number of fields. With the advent of computers, all these operations are made easy.

The operations, such as data entry, processing of data and generation of reports are done in very less time.   Since all these work are done faster, a lot of work ca be done every day with out pilling up of work for the next day as can be seen in the most of the organizations where the processing is done manually.

Scrutination and maintaining large volumes of records manually is a time consuming process and there is always a chance of committing mistakes.

Required information is not reached when needed by the manger for decision-making.

In manual process, there is not security and unauthorized persons can utilize data.


The System can be divided into the following modules:


Online reservation facility is given for the registered customers. The customers can reserve the ticket, either by paying online or paying the amount at the time of receiving the ticket.


Cancellation of the reservation  also provided by the current system, which enables the users to cancel the ticket only up to 2 hours before of the journey. According to the time of cancellation and the actual journey time the deduction amount will get automatically calculated. The amount has to be collected by the passenger later on manually.


For this the customer goes to the site get his reservation postponed to a new date.  The postponement also includes cancellation of ticket and getting a new ticket for new development under 1 will fix the amount that is to be charged in extra and updates the system.  The customer will take the new confirmation slip to site and pays the required amount there to take the new ticket.


The proposed system has also a provision where in the information about any new flight that the aviation company proposes to introduce or the existing flights it plans to cancel thus helping the staff to determine about the vacancies in the flights.


This system is developed on the following hardware configuration.

  • Pentium III processor
  • 128 MB Ram
  • Hard disk 40 GB
  • Microsoft Compatible 101 or more Key Board
  • Scroll Mouse


This system is developed using the following software.

  • Operating System:               Windows 2000 server,With Internet Information Server
  • Technology:                       ASP.NET
  • Data Access Component   ADO.NET
  • Back End:                           MS SQL Server 2000

Click here to download Air Reservation System source code