Air India Support Tools

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A computer reservations system (CRS) is a computerized system used to store and retrieve information and conduct transactions related to travel. Originally designed and operated by airlines, they were later extended to travel agents as a sales channel; major CRS operations that book and sell tickets for multiple airlines are known as Global Distribution Systems (GDS).

 Airlines have divested most of their direct holdings to dedicated Global Distribution System companies, and many systems are now accessible to consumers through Internet gateways for hotel, rental cars, and other services as well as airline tickets.


Currently, whenever a person wants to travel by air, he has to go to the booking counter to book or to cancel or to postpone the ticket which was a very tedious task because the person needs to enquire booking or postponing of the ticket and for that the clerk has to search all the records present, manually one by one due to which other’s would be waiting for their turn for a long time.



In order to eliminate the drawbacks of the existing system, a system has been developed due to which the person need not spend much time in booking, postponing or canceling the ticket and instead server is built that takes care of every transaction thereby reducing the burden on customer and the clerk.


 The users of this software will be the ADMINISTRATOR whose role is specified below and the STAFF who will directly interact with the customers of Lenasia Airways (Role is specified below).


Administrator: - Administrator is a person who will be given the rights to create staff accounts, delete staff accounts and keep track of all he actions performed by the staff. He will also be authorized to access other rights that an ordinary staff can access.


Staff: - Staff as said earlier will be directly interacting with the customers of Lenasia Airways.   A person who is given a ‘STAFF USERID AND PASSWORD which CANNOT CREATE, EDIT, DELETE OR CHECK USER LOGS.’


Rights of a staff is restricted to only change his own password, add new schedule, delete a schedule, reserve a ticket, cancel a ticket and check for ticket confirmation.




Hardware Requirements

•          SYSTEM                      : Pentium IV 2.4 GHz

•          HARD DISK                : 40 GB

•          RAM                            : 256 MB


Software Requirements

•          Operating system                  : Windows XP Professional

•          Technology                              : Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2008

•          Coding Language                   : C#

•          Front End                                 : ASP.Net

•          Back End                                 : SQL Server 2005

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