Advertising Agencies

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Advertising agency is one of the most important components of advertising industry. It has played a significant role in the development of modern advertising. The advertising agency has evolved to provide the specialized knowledge, skills and experience needed to produce effective advertising campaigns. It provides a quality range of service greater than any single advertiser could afford or would need to employ. An advertising agency is a firm that specializes in the creation, design and placement of advertisements, and in the planning and execution of promotional campaigns for products and services of their clients.

Almost all advertising is therefore arranged through an advertising agency which provides the necessary skill to turn the message into a memorable and effective advertisement. Advertising has not only come to reflect pop culture but has also become an important element of economic growth. Today, every person connected with the Indian economy or public should be fully aware what advertising really is and why effective advertising campaigns can be performed by full-service advertising agencies.

Advertising involves the process where in a message is designed so as to promote a product, a thought, an idea or even a service. The concept of advertising has assumed a dynamic form with the use of the various mediums of communication. From the newspaper, magazines, posters, neon and fluorescent signboards, billboards to the commercial on TV, laser shows to inflated high-rise figures and objects, advertising has come a long way. The work is formidable as it spearheads a process intended to attract, modify, change and influences public opinion.

            From the local business to multinational firm and all need to advertise. While politicians, social organizations, government special groups need to advertise their motto, national airlines, auto mobile manufactures, food and consumer goods manufacturers have to reach the consumer. Specialist products and services are often advertised through trade magazines and exhibitions. Lately mail-shots, handbill circulation, special offers have become very popular. There are still other ways of advertising. There are window displays, display on telephone directories, transit sign on buses, lamp posters, banners, etc. Advertising through the electronic media has been perhaps the most popular medium.

An advertising agency or ad agency is a service business dedicated to creating, planning and handling advertising (and sometimes other forms of promotion) for their clients. An ad agency is independent from the client and provides an outside point of view to the effort of selling the client's products or services. An agency can also handle overall marketing and branding strategies and sales promotions for its clients. Typical ad agency clients include businesses and corporations, non-profit organizations and government agencies. Agencies may be hired to produce single ads or, more commonly, ongoing series of related ads, called an advertising campaign.

Existing System:


  • In the previous system when we have to advertise a product then we went to the particular office and we will speak with them about our advertise details and paid some amount their then it will come on what we have chosen either new paper or Tele vision
  • So it is long process and time would be taken more.

·         The existing system is a manual one so every work is done by manual.

·         In the manual system there is no security to all information.

·         Risk of mismanagement of data when the project is under development.

·         In the manual system time can be taken more.

·         Mismatching of data in advertisements.

·         Maintaining all the information’s in records so it is difficult. If they want any record they have to search all the records by manually.

Proposed System:

  • In the proposed system we maintain the database by using system.
  • In the proposed system we developed online system by using this when we want to advertise a product just registered into the web site and use everything.
  • More security, less time
  • No mismatching of advertisements.
  • This system provides easy access to the particular information.


  •  Administrator
  •  User or client

Hardware Requirements:

•          System                          : Pentium IV 2.4 GHz

•          Hard disk                      : 40 GB

•          RAM                               : 512 MB


Software Requirements:

•          Operating system                 : Windows XP Professional

•          Technology                            : Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2008

•          Coding Language                : C#

•          Back End                                : SQL Server 2005

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