Insurance Assist System

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Insurance Assist system is a internet based web application system solution that simplifies and automates various manual operations developed to assist large insurance companies like Life insurance corporation, MetLife, Allianz Bajaj etc to maintain consistent information of various policies.

The application is having three phases. One of them is to have an integrated database of all the insurance companies and their related policies. Secondly about employees working in their related companies and finally generating dynamic reports for the customers claims or to keep track the status of the premium payments of policyholders.


Insurance Companies maintain their own website, providing information about their policies. Customer (who wants to be policyholder) can make policy registration through Online.


  • Our Insurance Assist system is very useful to customers in providing more information about all insurance companies and their policies that are uniquely launched in our website.
  • The system reduces manual work during registration of policies.
  • This system also provides online payments for the customers.


  • Agent view
  • Policy holders view
  • System administrators view




  • Operating system                                :                Microsoft windows XP professional.
  • Front End Tools                                  :                MS .NET 2.0, HTML
  • Data Base                                             :               SQL Server 2005
  • Web browser                                         :               Internet Explorer 6.0




  • Hard disk                                             :               20 GB
  • Processor                                            :               pentium4
  • RAM                                                      :               256MB

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